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Driving Instructor Training in Derby & Derbyshire


Derby City has a population of around a quarter of a million people, whilst in the county of Derbyshire there are just over 1 million, but the interesting aspect of the county as a driving instructor is that 75% of the population live in 25% of the area making for a neat and concise concentration of potential customers. Outside of this concentration are the sparsely populated, mainly agricultural upland area leading into the Peak District National Park, the first national park in England, and the second most visited national park in the world after Mount Fuji national park in Japan.

The populated urban areas quickly give way to the wonders of the high peak and the Pennine hills - the backbone of England.

Derby is an internationally renown centre for engineering , especially transport engineering and is home to Rolls-Royce aero engines, Bombardier train manufacture and Toyota car manufacturing.

Derby University attracts 20,000 students every year (many from overseas) to come and study and live in Derby, all of whom are prime potential candidates for driver training in this area.  Also, Nottingham University opened a graduate entry medical school at the Royal Derby Hospital as well as a School of Nursing & Midwifery.

With good transport links via the M1 motorway allowing driving instructors in Derby the opportunity of offering motorway experience lessons to drivers of all ages and experience.
1st Instructor Training available to take your enquiries 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 1st Instructor Training offer flexible training packages whereby we can plan your training around your current commitments and provide you with professional and enthusiastic support .

We'll teach you to become a qualified driving instructor (DSA-ADI (car)) and you will be free to begin your new career, become your own boss and working the hours that you choose. Call us today to start your exciting new career!


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