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Driving Instructor Training in Grantham


Historic Grantham has a population of around 35,000 and is situated on the A1 - 'The Great North Road' of pre-motorway Britain and on the famous Roman road of Ermine Street which ran from London to Lincoln. Grantham is well know as the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first  women Prime Minister and the place where Sir Isaac Newton went to school at the King's School in Grantham. Also, of great interest to anyone interested in cars, the first working diesel engine was built and demonstrated here in 1892.

In fact engineering was the lifeblood of Grantham in the late 19th. and early 20th. centuries with many famous names like Richard Hornsby & Sons - inventor of the aforesaid diesel engine and the first caterpillar tracked vehicle - later to amalgamate with the famous steam tractor manufacturer Rustons.  Aveling-Barford manufactured road rollers and dumper trucks in Grantham. The world's first agricultural tractor and military tank were produced in Grantham, as were the machine guns for the Spitfire and Hurricane in the Battle of Britain.

World War 2 involvement around Grantham was significant with the flat open countryside around being converted into many RAF airfields including the headquarters of RAF Bomber Command, RAF Spittlegate pilot training (now the Territorial Army's Prince William of Gloucester Barracks) .

If you already have a full or part time occupation, 1st Instructor Training offer flexible training packages whereby we can plan your training around your current commitments and provide you with excellent professional support and training help.  After passing your exams you will become a qualified driving instructor (DSA-ADI (car)) and you can start your new career, become your own boss and working the hours that you choose.

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